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Is Google Going To Censor Now?

Well, being a[n alleged] private company, they can do this . . . but just whose definition of ‘hate speech’ will be used? Is it hate speech to say you want to halt immigration, muslim or otherwise, until you can properly vet those coming in? I’d bet Google will think so. And when/if that happens, … Continue reading

Frankensalmon . . .

And this is all because of huge corruption and collaboration between giant corporations like Monsanto and our crooked government bureaucrats. As long as you pay the right person enough, you don’t have to label food you produce/engineer/create properly even though the general public wants it labeled . . . Let Them Eat — Frankenfish!

Just Say ‘NO!’ to Windows 10

The article is a big loony the way it’s written, but it is based in facts: Windows 10, like Windows 8, is TERRIBLE as compared to the all-time best version of Windows — 7. Who in their right mind wants to share everything they do, say, read, write with a behemoth like Microsoft? Who actually … Continue reading