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‘Free’ Means Only 32 Trillion . . .

This is one reason that the ridiculous “free” health care simply is not sustainable. Democrats and leftists have this brain malfunction that affects their ability to understand long-term fiscal outcomes of their ideas. Illinois, New York and California are already seeing this with the unsustainable ‘sweetheart retirement deals’ it gave government employees that can no … Continue reading

Sodomerica and Gomorrahfornia

I sympathize with students who this shooting has bothered greatly. I really do. However, what are we teaching them? What are they going to do in life when something bad or even devastating happens? You cannot just shut down and refuse to push onward. You have to learn to deal with problems because they WILL … Continue reading

We Demand Compliance!

Take note: this is what government run health care culminates into. It’s not really about health care — it’s about controlling you. When they can dictate who lives and who dies, they win. Per information available, there is a waiting jet on the tarmac in Britain to take this little boy to Italy and give … Continue reading

Time To Stop Doping Up Your Kids

“In the United States, at least 9 percent of school-aged children have been diagnosed with ADHD, and are taking pharmaceutical medications.” Wow! Think about that a bit — nearly 1 in 10 kids are medicated today in the US! What are those medications doing to their thinking abilities, their reasoning abilities, their creative abilities and … Continue reading