Welcome to NewsWhores! This new site is determined to become the most fair, balanced and honest news and political site you will find anywhere. We are so sick and tired of the lies and the twisted logic and fabrications of ‘news’ today from all political parties and from all news sources that we view, we are building our own news organization that doesn’t cow-tow to ANY organization or ANY political party or ANY one for ANY reason nor ANY price. Honesty is truly a virtue that we embrace and we are going to live it right here. You  may disagree with us, but you’re going to find the truth here as we know it.

Current event speaking, why is news so politicized today? When it comes to reporting, the issue should not be the color of the person’s skin nor the basis of their belief system and religion or lack thereof. The entire issue should be cold, hard facts, i.e. news, plain and simple. We will bring that here.

Politically speaking, It is ridiculous for any voter to go to the polls not knowing the actual truth of what is being said by and about any candidate. Hopefully you will utilize our information and find our site very helpful in making your choice this November and each election thereafter.

Thank you for visiting us. Please put us in your FAVORITES and visit us often. We are about to begin . . .

John Hrusky



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