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The Greatest American President in History

Normally, Congress is slow and sludgy at this time in a campaign year, focusing more on getting people in their party re-elected than actually working for WE THE PEOPLE. Fortunately, this time we elected a real leader who truly has the back of the American people. Of course, don’t expect any leftist to give credit … Continue reading

Manufacturing Illiterates

“To believe that such massive functional illiteracy is an unplanned phenomenon beyond the control of anyone is to believe that our educators with all their doctoral degrees literally don’t know what they are doing.” Why do you trust your child to learn in what many of our public schools have become? This about this: in … Continue reading

Difficult Words For The Left To Understand

Matthews is SO yesterday — and quite obvious a tool of the left. It is actually funny, in a way, to hear all those on the left try to spin the word “spy” and claim those people the FBI placed in the Trump campaign were actually only there to secretly observe and report back: ‘Spy’ … Continue reading

Black Racists Increasing The Divide

This is what the boy-king created — total, in-your-face racism and hatred against white people. And the leftists seem to love this happening and refuse to call it out for what it is. The irony is, these sort of idiotic actions actually create REAL racism against black people. Instead of trying to consider all of … Continue reading

Google Is ‘The Borg’

Google’s selfish ledger is social engineering — and evil. If you care about your life, the lives of your children and grandchildren, free thought, and freedom, in general, you need to watch this video. The “what ifs” begin at around the 3 minute mark, although those first 3 minutes do set a valuable background into … Continue reading

Help Yourself Or Your Neighbors First?

Crooked Ryan — we cannot get rid of this RINO POS soon enough. While I am OK with amnesty for the 800,000 or so DACA illegals whose parents brought them here decades ago as small children, that should only be considered AFTER ‘The Wall’ is built, AFTER a common-sense immigration policy is put into place, … Continue reading

Equal Pay But Not At My Expense

So if this guy (he is a guy, right?) wants equal pay for “stars” in a movie, is he willing to accept a LESSER salary to ensure the film doesn’t go bust because it’s over budget? I doubt it. These socialists have no concept of value: the most valuable person(s) in a movie should make … Continue reading

Leftism Is a Fraud

Proof that leftism/liberalism is an incoherent fraud: “True systems like mathematics and physics have no internal contradictions. No law about addition or subtraction contradicts any other law about multiplication or division. No law about gravity or optics contradicts another law about motion or electricity. Yet, repeatedly, the system known variously as liberalism/leftism/progressivism/secular fundamentalism/socialism reveals internal … Continue reading

The True Danger of Social Media

Yes, it is a travesty that these behemoths do not allow ads from groups they oppose. But what is more of a travesty is that the world is allowing these gigantic companies to essentially run governments, to decide what is and is not going to change, to silence those they oppose to ensure a very … Continue reading

McCain and his Conflict of Interest

I was not aware of this, but now am. Could this be one of the reason’s McCain is so pro-illegal immigration and amnesty? 1) ‘Bud Light’ is the biggest selling beer among Mexicans living in the U.S. 2) Cindy McCain owns the 3rd largest Budweiser distributorship in the U.S. I’d call that “conflict of interest”, … Continue reading