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Google, Facebook, AirBnB and their Communist Practices

This is very bad for America. When free speech is no longer tolerated, we are destined to become a communist state. While most of us disagree with Neo-Nazis, they MUST be allowed to speak. When you have the largest corporations in control of information disallowing this, one can only wonder, what speech is next? Who … Continue reading

The Deep State vs We The People

The Committee to Betray President Donald Trump’s Voters. As we’ve been saying — this is a coup. This is people who believe they are better than the public, who are smarter than the public, who know better what’s good for the public than the public themselves, working to remove the person that people actually voted … Continue reading

And Google Execs Cry . . .

Life at leftist Google (aka the CIA) — do you REALLY want to rely upon their search results when you are looking for information? They believe they know best what is good for everyone else. They have a huge amount of power in allowing/not allowing you to research what you wish to research as they … Continue reading

The Absolute Bottom Of The Leftist Barrel

This moronic waste of oxygen is telling you the leftist Democrat playbook — impeach Trump then if Pence doesn’t do our bidding destroy him as well. This is fascism. This is bullying. This is exactly what the leftists have devolved into. Recognize it because if they succeed, you are going to have to live under … Continue reading

America Is In Dire Jeopardy!

This has gotten to the point of utter ridiculousness. For 8 months all we heard was “The Ruskies Did It!”. Since absolutely NOTHING has been found, now this leftist “special counsel” is going on a fishing expedition to find anything, essentially an investigation in search of a crime instead of an investigation actually finding out … Continue reading

We’re All Gonna Die!

Man-made climate change is real! Man is causing the climate to change! We need to raise the price of fuel to move to renewable energy sources! A disaster is inevitable if we don’t do something now! We’re all gonna die! . . . says the very people that have to manipulate and change facts and … Continue reading