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Justice — but 20 Years Too Late

” … questioning whether Alabama’s protocol for lethal injection was constitutional.” To hell with that. Was it constitutional to shoot these Popeye’s employees? Did they get a nice, neat, comfortable, sedated death when he shot them? Screw this sympathy bull for this cretin and others like him. The really pathetic thing about it is that … Continue reading

David Brock — F You!

“We must continue to resist. Letting up is not an option.” Let me translate this for you: ‘Our coup is working.’ Yes, it’s that simple. This is a coup and nothing but a coup. It’s not about disagreeing with the opposition party nor about even trying to find common ground somewhere. It’s simply about doing … Continue reading

Thumbing Our Nose At Europe

So many things were wrong with this ridiculous, one-sided climate “deal” the last President stuck us with, and WITHOUT congressional approval at that. The problem is that oligarchs around the world see the United States as their ‘piggy bank’ and it’s about time we have a President that says, “No More!” As President Trump stated, … Continue reading

Portland Mayor is a Major Assclown

” … has a history of erratic behavior and a long criminal record, including being convicted and jailed after he held up employees at a convenience store with a gun in 2002, CBS News reported on Tuesday. In 2010, he was charged with theft and felon in possession of a firearm.” But according to this … Continue reading

Climate Scam To Screw the US Again

“[The Paris Climate Deal] promised a bonanza of spending and investment, most likely subsidized by taxpayers, in technologies that wouldn’t otherwise be attractive.” And that is why President Trump should pull out of this ridiculous scam. Not only is man-made climate change most likely one of the biggest scams pulled on the people of the … Continue reading