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Asshat Rhymes with Democrat . . .

“We want more money for defense, we want to build a border wall, and we want more money for immigration enforcement, law enforcement,” Mr. Mulvaney said Thursday at an Institute of International Finance conference. “We’re willing to have that discussion if they want to have it.” SO, the Republicans have offered to work with the … Continue reading

Why Two Different Standards?

There is so much wrong with this: First and foremost, there is still NO proof that Russian intelligence hacked the DNC. There is alleged proof that the IP address used to hack the DNC came from Russia, but that could have been little script-kiddie Jimmie in his room on his computer. Of course, this is … Continue reading

The Fascists Have Succeeded Again . . .

If Bill is guilty of the allegations, then so be it. However, guilt should be proven, not just alleged. Many believe, myself included, that this was nothing but a “hit” campaign to punish anyone who doesn’t hate President Trump. The left piled on as they are so good a doing. They will literally work together … Continue reading

Time To Clean Up Barry’s Mess . . .

The adults are now in charge. Obama and his merry band of college cupcakes can go play on the yachts of the privileged asshat Hollywood libtards and enjoy their play dough fun while real people work very hard to clean up the horrible mess that he left us all . . .   Adults Now … Continue reading

The Left Continues To Destroy America

This was part of the planned “just in case coup” that we now see playing out. The surveillance began right after President Trump won the Republican nomination and the wheels were then set in motion to ensure there was a way to go after him on the very long shot that he would win, and … Continue reading