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Government Run Amok. Steals Family Pet. Let’s Make Demands!

This is pathetic – a perfect example of an out of control government entity! Animal Control in Aurora, CO needs some emails, some phone calls, some letters, to let them know that THE PEOPLE will not put up with this sort of B.S. acting like they are gods. This beautiful dog is not only a … Continue reading

The Destruction Of Mankind Is Near

If this report is authentic, it just proves how evil man is becoming. I cannot imagine any sort of person that would want to watch this degeneracy. I cannot imagine a camera person not willing to step in to help someone in distress. Actually, I am having a hard time figuring out what went so … Continue reading

To Hell with Public Education and Educators

This is the problem with public education. Many teachers do not want to have to live as most employees do. They want to protest on WE THE PEOPLE’s time and money instead of protesting AFTER their job is done for the day. Give parents school choice so we can end the sewer that is called … Continue reading

Time To Chew Bubblegum and Kick Democrat Ass

No, the Democrats have not lost their minds — they know exactly what they are doing.   getting rid of Flynn put blood in the water and they went into a feeding frenzy. Now Sessions recusing himself put more blood in the water so these evil leftists are going to push harder and harder to out … Continue reading