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Low Information Ass-Clown Propagandists Everywhere

These ass-clowns actually believe all the propaganda the leftists have shoveled during this election. It would be funny if it wasn’t so pathetic on how gullible and stupid democrats have become.

They (along with some here posting) believe:
1. Trump is going to tear apart this country (as if Obama and his Alinsky-ite leftists haven’t already done that);
2. Trump is going to ‘devastate medicare’ (whatever that means);
3. Trump is going to deport millions of Americans (the fact is he talked about deporting illegal aliens — hint: they are NOT Americans, merely foreign criminals);
4. Trump is going to block an entire world’s religion from entering the United States – he has never said that: that is a leftist and dishonest/#FakeNews talking point;
5. Trump is going to tear apart the clean air and clean water laws; another ASSumption by leftist morons based on his nominees — I’d suggest you wait until someone does something, or says they’re going to do something, before finding the person guilty — then again, you leftists only like due process when it’s about your own Marxist ass being on the line.

I know a few die-hard democrats, highly educated ones, and they are truly scared. Their fear has no basis in fact, only a basis in the #FakeNews that the leftist/Marxist organization have bombarded them with, yet you cannot tell them different — you can show them proof after proof and fact after fact but they simply are not going to change their minds and come to grips with common sense as they blindly trust their handlers. Leftist democrats have indoctrinated them very well.

And, of course, this ass-hat Galland mentions “[keeping] our Constitutional Democracy intact”. THAT, you idiot, is the problem — you’ve brainwashed a bunch of low-information cattle into believing we have a Democracy AND WE DO NOT AND NEVER HAVE!


AssHats Everywhere, Especially at


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I was raised in a two-parent functional home and have worked hard the majority of my life. I started my first business at the age of 12 mowing lawns in my neighborhood. At age 14, I worked summers as a bricklayer's laborer and weekends as a machine shop janitor. I have come to enjoy politics but have grave concerns for our country and how it is changing and going deeper and deeper into debt. I also worry about people who willfully want to believe every sound bite their party puts out instead of fact-checking for the truth. Politics has become a very vicious 'game' in which there are virtually no rules and no limits anymore. It's time to set the record straight pertaining to ALL sides of the aisle. Thus, NewsWhores was born. Come watch us grow.


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