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The Death Of Political Correctness — Finally!

People are waking up all over the world understanding finally that political correctness is the downfall of society and freedoms. Of course, the left will brand this ‘naziism’ but that’s just a feeble attempt to try and scare WE THE PEOPLE . . .   People Waking Up Everywhere Advertisements

Let’s All Try To Make A Difference . . .

This is awesome! There are so many children out there who need help, not just those battling horrible things like cancer, but those in abusive homes, those in extreme poverty, those with no real family support. We all should be finding ways to help those underprivileged children in our own communities — there’s not a … Continue reading

Low Information Ass-Clown Propagandists Everywhere

These ass-clowns actually believe all the propaganda the leftists have shoveled during this election. It would be funny if it wasn’t so pathetic on how gullible and stupid democrats have become. They (along with some here posting) believe: 1. Trump is going to tear apart this country (as if Obama and his Alinsky-ite leftists haven’t … Continue reading

The King of #FakeNews

“We are no longer a sovereign nation, we are no longer a democracy, we are no longer a free people” What a dumb-ass this Olbermann piece of elephant dung is! We are _NOT_, and _NEVER_ have been, a democracy, you communist idiot! Our freedoms are being eroded, but that’s due to ass-hats like you who … Continue reading

Let’s Screw American Citizen Labor

This visa work program is becoming a problem by predatory corporations who abuse it and needs to be overhauled/changed so this cannot happen. It’s one thing to cut costs, but an entirely different thing to fire an American citizen and replace him/her with a foreign worker simply for the ability to pay lower wages. Making … Continue reading

#PizzaGate is Real – Sick Bitch ‘Art’

#PizzaGate and #CometPingPong — the “artist” whose “art” is one that is featured there is Ria Pratt. Google her name and then click IMAGES and look at some of the sick crap they call “art”. This is a sick and twisted bitch that has serious problems AND anyone/anyplace that hangs this sick crap should be … Continue reading

The End of Our Constitutional Republic?

I’m not surprised this is coming from the NY Times — and it’s quite obvious a hit-piece penned by the establishment ruling class. Your duty, Suprun, is to vote the popular choice of your state, regardless of your opinion. To do anything different removes our Constitutional Republic from existence and should never be tolerated. When … Continue reading