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Life’s Choices

LIFE’S CHOICES We are all individuals and it is up to us to do what we can for ourselves, not rely on someone else, nor the government, to do so. We are free to work as hard, or as little, as we wish; to innovate as much, or as minimum, as we want; to learn … Continue reading

The Electoral College – A Necessity For All

“Even if the effort fails, though, which is likely, Baca said he hopes the move launches a serious national discussion about abolishing the Electoral College, which would require either a constitutional amendment or legislation in several states (whose combined electoral votes total at least 270) mandating the popular vote dictate how their respective electors vote.” … Continue reading

Trigglypuffs and Snowflakes Everywhere!

So these moronic people have to use therapy dogs because the outcome of the presidential race did not go their way? This is absolute proof that we MUST drain the swamp! These sort of people are not fit to serve our country in ANY capacity when they cannot even psychologically handle a loss in an … Continue reading

Affirmative Action Fails Us Again

[Obama] added: “Imagine what you’ll actually do when you have to the power of the Constitution along those lines.” We ALL have the ‘power of the Constitution’ with us, dumb ass! Contrary to your anti-American belief, the Constitution is not just something the President gets to live and operate by. How in hell did you … Continue reading

Crooked Hillary / Goodbye Free Speech

How sad that our social media everywhere is controlled and run by progressive leftists who choose to censor items against their ideology. This is exactly the “free speech” you will get if #CrookedHillary gets elected . . . Free Speech ONLY for Leftists  

The Complete Idiocy of the Establishment Followers

“I did try,” Schwichtenberg added with a sigh. “I went to a rally.” But he was not swayed and he was turned off by the crowd, which he noted was packed with men and women “who came there on Harleys.” WOT!??!? Men and women who came there on Harley’s is somehow anti-American? anti-Freedom? What in … Continue reading