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Get To Work, Comrade!

There you go, mothers. This is the democrat party. They are now telling you what they believe: Do you job, comrade! Quit being so lazy, comrade! Get your ass to work, comrade! Don’t worry about raising your children because the democratic village will raise them for you, comrade. Yes, the masks are coming off. Vote … Continue reading

A Kentucky Fried Idiot

More on why we don’t like trial lawyers and need to change the system to ensure that loser pays. $20 million because she got half a bucket of chicken? Chances are KFC did her a duty in trying to keep even more pounds from piling up on the idiot! Seriously, if she believes they are … Continue reading

Trannies as a Cultural Norm

NO, they are NOT ‘normal’. That said, there is a possibility that something went wrong during the development of a small amount of people, where some ARE one sex trapped inside the body of another. This is certainly possible. Additionally, it is very possible that some/many have some sort of psychological issue. In either instance, … Continue reading

Julian Assange is a Hero!

These despicable scum, otherwise known as leftist democrats, don’t want honesty and truth — they just want to push an agenda. The release of all these emails is a huge insight, and proof, of what they truly are and how they believe: they hate Catholics, they hate Evangelicals, they hate Christians, they hate the Constitution … Continue reading

Fair for Me but Not for Thee . . .

More proof of the crookedness and bias. Trump is close/tied (depending on which #CrookedPoll and #RiggedPoll you read) which is utterly amazing since everything about this election cycle is against him — all of news media, all of Hollywood, the debate commission, debate moderators. This shows just how fed up WE THE PEOPLE are with … Continue reading

America’s Last Chance!

All #CrookedHillary has … ALL SHE HAS … is to try to make people believe that TRUMP is a hot-head or ego maniac. That’s ALL she has. She can’t begin to run on ANYTHING Clinton. Tell that to people. Then point out why you know that Trump is NOT a hot head or ego maniac … Continue reading

They Are Coming After the 1st!

“Democrats reject call to protect Internet news, talk radio from regulations” Think about that a bit — leftist democrats want to REGULATE what is on the internet, what is on talk radio. That is a textbook attack on freedom of speech. How stupid and gullible these people are who support such things as it’s only … Continue reading