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Are Blacks Treated Different In Society?

Yes. And do you know why? Because the dolts in the black communities (not all of them, but those pushing the narrative) are causing their own treatment. When you teach your young that they will be held down due to their race, that they will remain 2nd class citizens, that they don’t have a chance … Continue reading

Turds in the Inner City Punch Bowl . . .

And these dumbasses are going to find a way to justify a thug no matter what evidence becomes apparent. Yes, it DOES matter if he had a gun and disobeyed orders and became a threat. The freedom to own a gun does not give one the freedom to be an f’ing idiot with said gun. … Continue reading

Act Stupid, Pay The Price

‘As a Black Man, You’re Fearful to Walk Out of Your House Now’ This is why we continue to spiral downward and have all these racial tensions: because asshats like this (and obama and his ilk) continue to put this rot into the heads of black youth. How about teaching your community that you won’t … Continue reading

9/11 — We Have Been Lied To.

Excellent, well put together video. Keep in mind, this is not from armchair quarterbacks, but from groups of actual pilots who know much moret than the average citizen. At 18:56, the camera pans to the towers seconds before the 1st plane hits — how did that cameraperson know to pan the camera rapidly to the … Continue reading

Trump vs #CrookedHillary

“Raising children full time is one of the hardest jobs anyone can do,” she added, noting that policies must honor this reality. “This is not a woman issue, it’s a family issue. It’s an American issue.” Ivanka is spot-on. What a radical difference the 2 candidates are espousing — #CrookedHillary is all about bringing hundreds … Continue reading


Even if you actually believe the polls are authentic and correct, think about this: a country with almost all media against Trump; a country with almost all of Hollywood against Trump; a country with all of the Democrats and many of the Republicans against Trump; a country with most big business and donors against Trump; … Continue reading

We Must Stop The Perversion!

They are _ALL_ involved — and this is why we must change the entire system back to the Constitutional Republic we began as, instituting term limits and many other common-sense rules for anyone serving (and yes, SERVING, not pigging out at the public trough) . . . Crooked Amerika Today

Caterpillar Turns Anti-American

You know, I can’t quite comprehend where the greed, where this type of anti-American operations came from. Yes, we see greed and we see dishonesty and we see ME, MYSELF and I attitudes from the leaders of our country. We see them at the city government level, the town government level, the village government level … Continue reading