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Trump Against All Odds . . .

“Hillary Clinton Calls 31 Million Breitbart Readers ‘Racist’ Klansmen”

I cannot help but wonder just how many of those 31 million people are Americans … who will now assuredly vote for Trump? It is really amazing when you think about it — literally every single news outlet, every media outlet, magazines, Hollywood, many RINOs in the RNC are against Trump and vocal about it, yet he is still (according to polls if you believe them) only between 1 and 5 points behind her? Up against those odds he should be 30 points behind her, yet he fills up venues everywhere he speaks while she does not. The entire establishment is scared to death of him — and that is exactly what WE THE PEOPLE need — NO MORE ESTABLISHMENT politicians but those that are true to our Constitutional Republic. I do not know if Trump will fill that bill, but he certainly won’t be worse than what we have and assuredly will be better than #CrookedHillary . . .

How #CrookedHillary Loses More Voters


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I am a graduate of CIE and have a 30 year background in satellite communications and computer science, programming and networking. My wife and I designed and built our very own 10' parabolic satellite dish back in the early 1980s when the field was still very young in order to receive transmissions from both domestic and international satellites (television and audio) and from space (radio noise and pulses). I am involved in the S.E.T.I. (Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence) project and have built an extensive network of computers that are involved in the analysis of data received from space.


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