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Black Lives are not Smart Lives . . .

Whomever is really running this group is really, really stupid as all they are doing is pissing off more and more people, some of which would be sympathetic to their cause IF they would protest with some common sense. Your freedom to protest does NOT in any way include a right to infringe upon anyone else’s rights and if you do not understand that, then you need to go back to grade school civics to learn about rights and what they mean . . .




About JHrusky

I am a graduate of CIE and have a 30 year background in satellite communications and computer science, programming and networking. My wife and I designed and built our very own 10' parabolic satellite dish back in the early 1980s when the field was still very young in order to receive transmissions from both domestic and international satellites (television and audio) and from space (radio noise and pulses). I am involved in the S.E.T.I. (Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence) project and have built an extensive network of computers that are involved in the analysis of data received from space.


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