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Trump Against All Odds . . .

“Hillary Clinton Calls 31 Million Breitbart Readers ‘Racist’ Klansmen” I cannot help but wonder just how many of those 31 million people are Americans … who will now assuredly vote for Trump? It is really amazing when you think about it — literally every single news outlet, every media outlet, magazines, Hollywood, many RINOs in … Continue reading

To Hell With Parents – Sleep With Whom You Want To . . .

“But we won’t allow your parents to find out so go bunk with anyone you want to.” Why in hell would any sensible parent send their children to a public school today? This is just what comes out — what others things are they doing and not letting parents find out? Yes, it may cost … Continue reading

Black Lives are not Smart Lives . . .

Whomever is really running this group is really, really stupid as all they are doing is pissing off more and more people, some of which would be sympathetic to their cause IF they would protest with some common sense. Your freedom to protest does NOT in any way include a right to infringe upon anyone … Continue reading

What Monsters Have We Become?

What has our society become when we hide information like this, when our media does not report this because it’s not beneficial for their darling oligarch? We’ve become worse than animals. We’ve become enablers of this sort of vile filth. It’s bad enough to wonder what type of upbringing would cause children to behave like … Continue reading