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Why The Black Crime Problem Will Continue

“’Congress and the Obama administration are spending millions of dollars every year giving grants to the same police departments that are killing and over-incarcerating Black people — and it has to stop,’ the petition reads.”

What these leftist morons are missing are facts. We constantly hear how black men are disproportionately arrested and jailed (and even shot) in America, yet we leave out one of the most important parts of any arrest — whom is committing the crime? If you have 2 groups of people, one comprising 85% of the population and one comprising 15% of the population, and the 15% commits 90% of the crime, of course it’s going to appear to be disproportionate. Yet, the arrests and conviction are nothing but common sense to a systematic problem in many neighborhoods. I am pretty sure that impoverishment is part of the problem; I am pretty sure that split-up families (no father) are part of the problem. However, these can be overcome. A larger part of the problem is kids being taught from day one how “whitey” is against them; how “whitey” is evil; how “whitey” keeps the black man down. It seems to be rare that they hear that you have to go out and work hard, sacrifice and climb your way up the ladder in respectable jobs and THAT is the way to succeed. None of us whom have “made it” have started at the top. Many of us worked very low-wage, high labor jobs until something better came along. We climbed and clawed our way out of fairly (or very) poor situations. But until this is taught to black children in these impoverished communities by their parents (and hopefully by intact families to boot), the crime and the problems will continue and no amount of legislation against anything/anyone is going to help.

(By the way, who in the hell is this Mark Ruffalo thing?)


Black Crime Facts


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I was raised in a two-parent functional home and have worked hard the majority of my life. I started my first business at the age of 12 mowing lawns in my neighborhood. At age 14, I worked summers as a bricklayer's laborer and weekends as a machine shop janitor. I have come to enjoy politics but have grave concerns for our country and how it is changing and going deeper and deeper into debt. I also worry about people who willfully want to believe every sound bite their party puts out instead of fact-checking for the truth. Politics has become a very vicious 'game' in which there are virtually no rules and no limits anymore. It's time to set the record straight pertaining to ALL sides of the aisle. Thus, NewsWhores was born. Come watch us grow.


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