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Screw Americans: #MexicanJobsMatter

Legalize the illegal. How sweet. The Clintonista regime’s thoughts on American jobs and labor? “We don’t need no steenkin’ Amerikans” . . .   Legalize the Illegal Advertisements

Democrats Have Turned Despicable

I cannot even imagine a party (democrats) that have become so anti-American, so anti-Honesty, so anti-Truth that they would bring a piece of trash out to speak — someone who faked being raped and placed innocent people’s lives on the line for her own recognition! How utterly pathetic and hateful the democrats here have become. … Continue reading

Why The Black Crime Problem Will Continue

“’Congress and the Obama administration are spending millions of dollars every year giving grants to the same police departments that are killing and over-incarcerating Black people — and it has to stop,’ the petition reads.” What these leftist morons are missing are facts. We constantly hear how black men are disproportionately arrested and jailed (and … Continue reading

#BLM Groups Guilty of Manslaughter

These idiots in the ‪#‎BowelLivesMatter‬ group have absolutely NO RIGHT to shut down highways. It’s bad enough to cause citizens hardships in getting from one point to another when they desire to, but how about when an emergency vehicle must get to someone in order to save a life when time matters? If they prevent … Continue reading