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Migrant Crime Allowed in Idaho . . .

And here is why insanity such as this continues: ” … the arrival of migrants is strongly backed by local merchants and real-estate owners and also by employers such as the Chobani yogurt factory, which has hired many migrant workers in place of local Americans.” It’s all about the root of all evil, the love … Continue reading

Screw You, Establishment Types!

All the establishment types showing their true colors. Trump is the ONLY ONE showing common sense. Yes, we should ban immigration from countries shown to be a hotbed for hatred of the United States and where terrorists come from until we can get control of whom exactly is coming into our country. That is what … Continue reading

Common Sense Hillary – Oxymoron

Think about the “logic” in this — she wants to disarm LAW-ABIDING people to prevent criminals from breaking the law — and some of you think she would make a good commander-in-chief? Will she disarm the United States in order to protect us from Islam? From Russia? From China? How f-ing stupid can she get … Continue reading

Ryan and Muslims Sitting In A Tree . . .

” Ryan has repeatedly opposed pausing Muslim migration insisting, ‘that’s not who we are.’” Which is why we will continue to have these attacks and higher and higher rates. Ryan is right — we’re not that bright, vigilant country comprised of brave people we once were who are smart enough to recognize problems and deal … Continue reading