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Joe Says, “Let’s Trump!”

I’m with Joe. It took a long time to make this decision, but the ONLY thing that makes sense at this point is to vote for Trump. I do not know if he will be good for America, but what I DO know is that every other possible candidate is establishment, thus they will NOT … Continue reading

Mr. Ketchup Goes To Washington . . .

So, we now know that Britain’s darling, Hussein Obama, lied to us, and, in fact, the world, about the negotiations with Iran in order to get some sort of deal, ANY SORT OF DEAL, passed, and we now have Mr. Ketchup going around telling all of Europe how to do business?   Franken Kerry Tells … Continue reading

Martial Law?

This is very concerning. If you want to be careful and ready for anything, be sure to read this and share it with your loved ones . . .   Government Agents To Round Up US Citizens . . .

Transgender Bathrooms? Hell No!

This is why this transgender idiocy must be stopped — use the damn family bathroom, period. Your feelings do NOT trump the safety of women and children . . .   Not in my bathroom, you sick bastard!