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$15/hr Minimum Wage You Say?

This is the future. Might I suggest you convince your children to go to a tech school to learn robotics assembly, testing and repair instead of to college learning about alleged white privilege or getting a degree in Queer Musicology (yes, it is an actual course at UCLA) or even a degree in The Phallus … Continue reading

Let’s Apologize For Everything That Has Ever Happened In History!

Will you also apologize for rounding up and imprisoning Japanese people during WWII? How about our broken treaties with Indians? And the way the Chinese were treated and enslaved here as well? How about how we fought and kicked out the British when they tried to take control of us? Are reparations next? You know … Continue reading

It Takes A Responsible Parent, NOT a Village!

Parents, if you are not involved, get involved! Be aware of what “the state” is forcing upon your child. Whether or not you agree with all this gender identity claptrap that is today’s talking points is irrelevant: what IS relevant is that YOU should be having such discussions with your children WHEN THEY ARE OLD … Continue reading