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Screw Common Core!

“Americans do not need centralization at the national level; rather, we need to move to complete decentralization so we can treat children as what they are: unique individuals.” Exactly. Kids are individuals and should be treated as such. Common Core and our education system is nothing but a communist-style system to ‘nudge’ kids toward a … Continue reading

Love and Kisses are Not Doing It!

OK … how in sam hell can you be arrested 43 times and still be a free criminal to continue doing crime? It’s about time we tell leftists to kiss our ass and actually do something about this ridiculous stuff! Showering them with love and kisses is not working, idiots!   Let’s Fix This Mess!

It’s Time To Take Back America . . .

Wow! if this happens, will WE THE PEOPLE finally stand up to put a stop to the oligarchy? Are the establishment republicans this blind to what the people desire, or are they to the stage of they just don’t give a damn? As I’ve been saying — it’s almost time to take back America BY … Continue reading

The Love-Fest with Progressive Republicans

Since everyone in the establishment wants Kasich, that leads me to believe he is just another progressive republican out to destroy the middle class as the rest of them are. That the establishment and the news hate Cruz so much, that tells me that Cruz should be our candidate. It is insane to want more … Continue reading

Hate Speech vs. Free Speech – The Line Narrows

So, what exactly is “hate speech”? Is this speech that disagrees vehemently with a particular political person and/or idea? Is the denial of man-made climate change hate speech? Is a complete disgust of Obama and his policies hate speech? Is it hate speech to want to ensure everyone coming to this country is properly vetted … Continue reading

Take Control Of Our Schools!

So for months the school board meetings were filled to capacity with infuriated parents, yet the school board disregarded their desires/demands and went ahead with this lunacy anyways? Then this proves it: the ONLY way to fix this is to take control of schools by running for school board and ousting the leftist idiots who … Continue reading

Take Notice of Libertarianism!

Here is a debate WE THE PEOPLE should be watching and candidates we should be thinking about. Not sure what Libertarianism is about? If you are a free-market, anti-crony capitalism, small government, fair taxation type of person, I think you’ll like what they have to say and should take note of this debate.   Libertarianism … Continue reading

‘Hillary’s America’

Dinesh D’Souza is an awesome historian, researcher and film-maker . . . Democrats will hate this and claim it’s not true — and that is the very reason they are trying to change our history, so people cannot find this out . . .   D’Souza’s New Movie, ‘Hillary’s America’  

Political Correctness Strangling America

More politically correct bullshit that is tearing everything apart. This is nonsense beyond all nonsense! Bad things happened to people in the past. That is a fact. Every race, religion, creed, profession has been discriminated against in the past. Most races have been enslaved somewhere in the past. Many have been killed for simply being … Continue reading