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Hollywood, Go Screw Yourself

This is astonishing, actually. These people, these ‘stars’, these media people, ARE the privileged, ARE the ‘elite’, ARE the so-called ‘1%’, yet they back an avowed socialist. How ironic. Under Bernie’s plan, they will have to share much more of their wealth — and something tells me they will fight that tooth and nail — … Continue reading

Reparations My Ass!

Reparations. OK — I must agree: if you were a slave, you deserve some sort of reparations. In fact, if you are slave’s son or daughter, you most likely deserve some sort of reparations. Hell, I’ll even go one further: if you are a slave’s grandson or granddaughter, you may deserve some sort of reparations. … Continue reading

It’s Time To Take More, MUCH MORE, of Your Income!

“President Barack Obama‚Äôs final budget proposal was unveiled today, and it includes $4.1 trillion in spending and a total of $2.6 trillion in tax increases. Of those tax hikes, $955 billion will aimed at high earners . . .” And I’ll bet the average person has NO CLUE what this actually means! FACTS Barry proposes … Continue reading

Screw Politically Correct ‘White Guilt’ BS!

As if it isn’t bad enough that the half-breed occupying OUR White House has caused a huge amount of racial divide, but now the politically correct imbeciles running schools and colleges are causing even more. One must wonder if the PC are that ignorant that they cannot figure out they’re causing more hatred, more division … Continue reading

Ryan the RINO Wants It Both Ways

You’re wrong, Ryan the RINO, and you’re deceitful to boot. WE THE PEOPLE don’t hold it against you when you lose the vote to a veto, but we DO hold it against you when you vote against the wishes of WE THE PEOPLE. You say you will do certain things — we expect you to … Continue reading

Screw Diversity. It’s that Simple

And they will fall, just like Yahoo is currently doing and others have done, due to ignorance. Screw diversity. To win and continue to win you hire the best candidates, period. It’s really that simple.   Dropbox will be Dropping Out

Segregation and Other Ignorance

OK … then I demand we have some white-only places to live in and scholarships to give. Seriously — this is as ridiculous as my statement above is. We all need to learn to be able to live and work together and get along with each other regardless of skin color, race or religion. Further, … Continue reading