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I’ll Make You A Deal You Can’t Refuse . . .

Aha! No wonder he was just invited to barry’s oval office. I predict he’ll lift his blocking of Califf’s nomination very shortly thereafter, due to “new evidence and information”, otherwise known as a threat . . .   White House Invite? Advertisements

News Reporting: A Dying Art

Newspapers and Magazines just don’t get it — charging for your online content is your final death throes. It doesn’t work. People are not willing to pay for any of this propaganda that used to be called ‘news’. Here’s a word of advice: if you want to win, to prosper, find some REAL journalists and … Continue reading

The Art Of The Deal Is To Act Like An Adult

I didn’t like Kelly’s ‘style’ in the 1st Fox debate, egging each of them on to attack the other. That was simply childish. However, Trump is now acting like the school child in refusing to participate in the debate. I had thought he was purely getting press and would change his mind at the last … Continue reading

Are Leftists Capable of Using Common Sense?

And yet another piece of news proving leftists are just plain, well, stupid. This kid gets suspended for helping a friend who could not breathe? The question is not why he did because common sense would dictate that SOMEONE would help the girl having an asthma attack, but instead is why in hell did not … Continue reading

Hypocrisy Is Alive And Well in Hollywood.

These people are just so out of touch with reality. Congratulations on being able to afford a private jet. You earned it. That is good. What is pure lunacy is that you use that jet to pollute our earth with carbon and you spend millions of dollars on one trip to go tell others to … Continue reading

As China Crashes, So Does The World

It does appear to be beginning to happen. Many warned us of this 2-4 years ago, that it was looming just over the horizon. Is this the beginning of global financial ruin? What will the world be like if this occurs? Will we all be paupers, beholden to the political class masters and banksters worldwide? … Continue reading

Raised Minimum Wage is Great — or Is It?

Leftists will never figure out economics. The cost of doing business vs. profitability is just too difficult a concept for them to grasp. The real hypocrisy is that those why yammer on all day long about a $15 minimum wage are the same people that shop for the cheapest products available, which are always made … Continue reading

Satellite Data Lies — If Necessary

Can leftists think and reason? When does this so-called ‘proof’ become suspect to them? When their ‘proof’ is disproven, they come up with another ‘proof’. When that ‘proof’ is disproven still another ‘proof’ is designed. This goes on over and over and over. At some point, any THINKING person should begin to realize they just … Continue reading

You’re Gonna Pay, Whitey!

And libtards continue to breed and multiply. Here’s an idea — why not have and celebrate a White History month, a Black History month, an Indian History month, an Oriental History month? I realize equality has become all but a foreign concept here, but perhaps it’s time to bring equality back an ignore the racial … Continue reading

Cheat Trump At Your Own Party’s Peril

I am still not a trump fan, but this is very concerning. If true, and if the establishment wrongly pushes out Trump in favor of a Bush or Kasich or Christie or even Rubio, that will pretty much prove that the establishment republicans are the same as progressive democrats and will result in either the … Continue reading