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Bloomberg & Obama Are Coming For Your Guns!

Here’s the reason many of us are against this new push to change the rules on private sales of guns: yes, it is good if we know that guns are not begin sold to criminals (although even with this law such sales will continue as those are the types that do not obey the law … Continue reading

9500 Terrorists Amongst Us?

Due to this ebook, “How to Survive in the West” issued by Isis teaching muslims how to live in the US and appear secular and moderate until the time comes to strike, it makes it very hard to know what percentage of muslims are of the radical nature. Some experts say between 10% and 20% … Continue reading

Let’s Redo Our Entire Taxation System

And this is why so many of us want a flat or use tax to replace the entire IRS tax code. What we currently have is full of loopholes. I do not begrudge anyone for using a deduction they can because, well, they can and it’s legal. What I would like to see is a … Continue reading

To Do or Not To Do — the Big 2016 Question

2016 Supreme Court Cases: 1. A common sense decision; of course a clinic for a medical procedure should require a facility to match the standards of an outpatient surgical center. Doh! 2. Affirmative action? Another common sense answer should prevail – no one should have preference based on their race or ethnicity. Qualification should be … Continue reading

Let’s Love A Liar . . .

This one just amazes me at the total stupidity of people today. How can a proven liar, a proven PERPETUAL liar, be an admired person of any type? Has the morality of people fallen so low that we now admire crooks, liars and thieves?   Morality At An All-Time Low

Chick-fil-A Top Notch!

This Christian business continues to impress me — they do not just mouth words and beliefs — they live it. Bravo, Chick-fil-A, Bravo!   Chick-fil-A Proves Their Christian Belief

How Do We Fix Poverty Created Crime?

When are we going to learn? Some neighborhoods are just going to be more prone to violence than others. That is NOT a racist comment — it’s a factual one based upon years of behavior. The problem is, I believe, poverty and culture combined. More black people seem to be in impoverished areas, but the … Continue reading

Little Johnny is now Little Suzie

How dysfunctional can parents get? Is there any common sense left in people today? As young as 4 years old? What child, at 4 years old, knows anything about sexuality? What little boy doesn’t want to play with a traditional little girl toy and vice versa at some point in their early lives? Any parent … Continue reading

What Goes Around, Comes Around

I’ve seen a few Facebook low-information types laughing about “stupid conservatives” who supported bombing Agrabah . . . and now we see what their ilk supports. That’s that “Karma is a bitch” thing again.   Let’s Go To Agrabah

GQ Schlongs Hillary

Only 5th worst? Heck, I thought she’d at least get 3rd worst. Oh well, Jared Fogle (Subway icon) is THE worst of 2015 — I’m pretty sure he, like Hillary, is getting schlonged . . . The Worst of the Worst of 2015