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Black Problems Grow. Stop it NOW!

Utter ridiculousness! Kick their ass right out of school with NO refunds of anything they MAY have paid to attend. The longer people pander to these social misfits the longer it will continue . . .   No Excuse for Black Idiocy! Advertisements

Black Mobs Shut Down Black Friday.

The Chicago retailers should get together and all file suits against Jackson and the teacher’s union there for terrorizing their customers and conspiracy to commit financial harm to them. The idiots have no right to infringe on the rights of others nor harm them financially and should have to pay for that action . . … Continue reading

Like Pilgrims on the Mayflower?

Like Pilgrims on the Mayflower, eh, you POS divider-in-chief? Well, let me school you a bit: you forgot to mention that Spain actually financed the first trip while looking for a safe passage to India to avoid the killings and hostilities from the Ottoman Empire (that is muslims for the uninformed) to trade with India. … Continue reading

Redskins’ Tweet Offends Leftists

Only in America — where the minority rule the majority.   Go Redskins!

Suck It Up you College Brat Babies

Counseling because they saw a flag? Talk about incompetent wussie babies! Perhaps we should offer them a box of Wipees and a wet nurse to help them curb their fears . . . College Students In Need of Counseling  

Obama should be arrested and tried.

The black hatred toward anything white is going to blow up completely before long. Obama, your divide is working and your plan to cause a ‘national emergency’ may well come to fruition within the year. Your ass should be removed from office and tried in court for treason . . .   White Lives Deserve … Continue reading

The Divider-In-Chief Divides Again.

But was the divider-in-chief deeply disturbed by the 9 year old black boy in Chicago, lured into an alley and shot point blank in the face, killing him? Total silence — he only speaks out when it will cause more racial violence and a larger divide.   Barry Continues to Divide Americans    

Clueless French Prime Minister — still . . .

And he still has no clue. I guess liberalism IS a form of brain damage that cannot be cured . . .   Armed Citizens DO Make A Difference

Radical BLM Destroy Others’ Rights

Screw these prostestors. They should be fire-hosed. They have absolutely NO RIGHT to trample on the rights of someone else to get their anti-cop, anti-white political claptrap heard . . .   Your Rights End Where Mine Begin    

Happy Thankgiving

To all our readers, and those that may happen upon us: