Is a Coverup Ongoing?

Can you say, “Coverup!”?
Something’s being hidden from the American public and the lamestream media won’t report on it so as not to hurt their gloryboy in the White House. Four Americans dead and this so-called president will not address the issue, continues to stonewall the few people that do ask questions and even still perpetuates the claim that a stupid YouTube video started the attack! What i

s it that this administration are scrambling to hide from voters? (Would it even matter for those who blindly follow this either totally incompetent, or more probable evil, president anyways?)

What if this was obama’s ‘October Surprise’ and it went drastically wrong? What if the plan was to get some Americans captured in Benghazi and then magically and wonderfully broker a deal to free them right before election … free them with, perhaps, a trade of the blind sheikh (Omar Abdel-Rahman – the ‘mastermind’ of the 1993 World Trade Center bombing who remains imprisoned here in the United States and whom the muslim brotherhood have repeatedly asked that we release). What if?


About Bits 'n PCs

I was raised in a two-parent functional home and have worked hard the majority of my life. I started my first business at the age of 12 mowing lawns in my neighborhood. At age 14, I worked summers as a bricklayer's laborer and weekends as a machine shop janitor. I have come to enjoy politics but have grave concerns for our country and how it is changing and going deeper and deeper into debt. I also worry about people who willfully want to believe every sound bite their party puts out instead of fact-checking for the truth. Politics has become a very vicious 'game' in which there are virtually no rules and no limits anymore. It's time to set the record straight pertaining to ALL sides of the aisle. Thus, NewsWhores was born. Come watch us grow.


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