Smart Meters and Government Enforcement

There is a case on opposition to Smart Water Meters ongoing in Baraboo, WI whereby the city council (yes, those elected individuals whom are allegedly employees of We the People) is forcing an 80 year old woman with health issues to either accept the installation of a new smart water meter or have her water turned off. They have denied her requests to read the research on smart meters she has supplied them as well as denied any possibility for her to appeal their decision. You can view the actual denial at a public meeting here…

Smart meters are quite controversial. Obviously, the utility companies want to use them, but many informed consumers do not want them installed in their own homes. There are radiation concerns (these meters typically broadcast in the microwave spectrum), concerns on privacy (monitoring your water and electric usage can easily tell a hacker who has gained entrance into your meter when you are and are not at home), and concerns in accuracy  (many people who have had smart meters installed in their homes mysteriously find that their utility bills being monitored by these meters rise substantially). 

We the People should have an opt-in availability if we choose to have a smart meter installed in our home. At the very least, a mandatory opt-out should be required. That may mean you have to read your own meter monthly and submit that data online, but that is a welcome trade-off for the many that are opposed to smart meters.

Are the concerns of people about the safety of smart meters valid? Of course they are!  Any concerns are valid, right or wrong. It’s up to those that want We the People to accept their technology to prove its safety. With smart meters, this has not been done. More research needs to be performed on this new technology to prove its safety. Thus far, the research that has been provided is from manufacturers and suppliers of smart meters which doesn’t sound very impartial to me. We need to stop accepting the governmental force-feeding of smart meter technology and demand our elected officials — our employees — do our will, not that of their handlers. 

If you have any concerns about the arrogance of the Baraboo, WI public officials in requiring this elderly woman to accept something she does not want, nor need to, please contact those officials and let them know your views. Their email addresses and contact information are at the end of the above YouTube video.




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