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We Need To Fix our Crooked Voting System

I think Gary Johnson clearly won this debate. My question is, why are not We the People allowed to view these candidates in debates with the 2 “main” parties? Why does the system ensure that we have, essentially, only 2 real choices when it comes to our elections? Could it be a self-sustaining system in … Continue reading

Is a Coverup Ongoing?

Can you say, “Coverup!”?Something’s being hidden from the American public and the lamestream media won’t report on it so as not to hurt their gloryboy in the White House. Four Americans dead and this so-called president will not address the issue, continues to stonewall the few people that do ask questions and even still perpetuates … Continue reading

I Am Confused

I am confused. Some people I know whom are intelligent and hard-working still think Obama is a great presidential choice. That confuses the heck out of me. When you ask them about his lies about Libya and the deaths of Americans, they shrug it off. When you remind them how he goes around the Constitution … Continue reading

Let’s Kill Something!

Devolution. That is exactly what is happening with our society; it is devolving into barbarianism and chaos. It’s slow, and subtle, but it’s happening. A number of things leads me to this conclusion: 1. Politics. We can no longer discuss our differences in a friendly, respectful manner. Instead, we take talking points of one side and try to … Continue reading

Frankenfoods For All!

I thought I had heard it all … guess not 😦  We all know that Monsanto is a big producer of Roundup-ready corn (corn that is genetically modified so farmers spraying Roundup on their fields do not harm the corn itself). On the surface that sounds [maybe] good, but of course, some component of that … Continue reading

Lies, Damn Lies and More Damn Lies

Why do politicians have to lie? Have you noticed that nearly every ‘fact’ that is spouted from either side is at the very least, stretching the truth? Has American people become so lazy, so ignorant, that they cannot check what is being said to see if it’s truthful or not, and then when found not to … Continue reading

Smart Meters and Government Enforcement

There is a case on opposition to Smart Water Meters ongoing in Baraboo, WI whereby the city council (yes, those elected individuals whom are allegedly employees of We the People) is forcing an 80 year old woman with health issues to either accept the installation of a new smart water meter or have her water … Continue reading