Teacher’s Strike, you say?

Why is there a teacher’s strike in Chicago right now? Something’s fishy. It’s close to election time and teachers are basically progressive democrat union members, so why would they strike and put a possible bad light on their adored Obama? Something’s in the works. This looks like a fish, smells like a fish, and swims like a fish, so I suspect it must be fishy. Is Obama going to come in and be the great negotiator and make all sides happy and then prove that he is so good at negoiating that we need to give him 4 more years? If he does, are people so naive and stupid that they’d fall for this? Sadly, I think so. I don’t believe the average American citizen can think for themselves anymore and that’s why these sound bites we get continue — politicians understand that if you say it enough people will believe it no matter how outlandish.


What a sad state our country has devolved into.


About Bits 'n PCs

I was raised in a two-parent functional home and have worked hard the majority of my life. I started my first business at the age of 12 mowing lawns in my neighborhood. At age 14, I worked summers as a bricklayer's laborer and weekends as a machine shop janitor. I have come to enjoy politics but have grave concerns for our country and how it is changing and going deeper and deeper into debt. I also worry about people who willfully want to believe every sound bite their party puts out instead of fact-checking for the truth. Politics has become a very vicious 'game' in which there are virtually no rules and no limits anymore. It's time to set the record straight pertaining to ALL sides of the aisle. Thus, NewsWhores was born. Come watch us grow.


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