Are Republicans Climate Change Deniers?

Why are Republicans and Conservatives typically climate change deniers?  Do they have trouble accepting science?  Are they blind to what is happening on our Earth?

There is most definitely climate change.  That is provable to even a grade-school child.  At the very least, these groups of people should acknowledge that something is causing our climate to change.  Now, that’s not to say it’s man-made; it simply states that it is happening.

If we could at least agree upon that, we may be able to start working together to understand what is causing it.  It could be simply cyclic … that is a possibility.  But there is at least some evidence that man is attributing to it.  I do not believe man is consequential enough to harm Earth beyond repair — the Earth will just get rid of man and then repair herself.  However, man certainly can do damage that affects each and every one of us; witness pollution.  Does it makes sense to spew chemicals into our atmosphere that cause smog, where people have to breathe that crap in that over time can harm their lungs?  Does that make sense?  Even if there is NO climate change consequence to air pollution and carbon emissions, does it make sense to do this?  Of course not.

The nay-sayers will claim that carbon dioxide (the result of carbon fuel burning) is good for plants as they thrive on it, and that is true up to a point.  Carbon dioxide is like the oxygen in our air that we breathe — too little, and we die; too much and we die.  We need just the right amount to live and thrive.  Our plants and our atmosphere is similar so let’s work together and find a technology that is good for all of us, not to mention can save us a LOT of money in the long run.  If we can wean ourselves off of oil and gas, we can do so much to help everything.  That doesn’t mean stop burning oil tomorrow.  Nor does it mean throwing buckets of money at the next Solyndra.  What it means is spend some money on research to get solar and wind and geothermal efficient enough so it’s affordable by the majority of people.  Most of us would switch to those alternative fuels in a heartbeat if it meant we could save money and not be a slave to the utility companies any longer.  Is that so bad?


About Bits 'n PCs

I was raised in a two-parent functional home and have worked hard the majority of my life. I started my first business at the age of 12 mowing lawns in my neighborhood. At age 14, I worked summers as a bricklayer's laborer and weekends as a machine shop janitor. I have come to enjoy politics but have grave concerns for our country and how it is changing and going deeper and deeper into debt. I also worry about people who willfully want to believe every sound bite their party puts out instead of fact-checking for the truth. Politics has become a very vicious 'game' in which there are virtually no rules and no limits anymore. It's time to set the record straight pertaining to ALL sides of the aisle. Thus, NewsWhores was born. Come watch us grow.


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